Importer Network Announces Plan to Order € 50 Millon from Touratech-AG over next 3 years

Orange, FR (November 6th 2017) - Touratech Importers from around the world gathered for a meeting to discuss the reorganization of Touratech-AG. The meeting was attended by importers from 20 countries representing 73% of the distribution sales volume by Touratech-AG and an update was provided by Dr. Dirk Pehl, Administrator of the Insolvency Proceeding.

The importer network was pleased to learn that the process is moving quickly and there are multiple offers from potential investors who are looking to be a part of the Touratech story.

“We are feeling very positive about the future and our ability to satisfy our customers for the coming years” -Ivan Guerrero, Touratech Peru

As a sign of confidence in Touratech AG, the importers announced a plan to purchase products from the company in the amount of € 50 million over the next 3 years.

“The Distributors made clear that they will support the restructuring process of Touratech what is an important signal to the market and an enormous value of the brand. This is another important milestone for a successful future of Touratech”, insolvency administrator Dr. Dirk Pehl stated.

Continued market demand for the company’s product range and a long-term commitment from the global importer network suggests that a restructured Touratech AG will continue its place as an icon of adventure motorcycle scene. Touratech AG and representatives of its importer network will be attending the EICMA fair in Milan, Italy, during the week of November 6th.

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