Insolvency administration

Nobody wants to see their company in crisis. But no company is immune from difficulties and, if a crisis should occur, a corporate insolvency is sometimes unavoidable. The days when insolvency proceedings automatically meant the end of a company, however, are long gone. In fact, reorganisation in the context of insolvency proceedings can offer the chance of a sustainable fresh start. Our study on the sustainability of corporate reorganisations also shows this.

When it comes to insolvency administration and insolvency advice, the Schultze & Braun approach is always to keep the company entrusted to us in business wherever possible and appropriate. This is because when reorganisation succeeds, it is not just the company itself that benefits, but the creditors too. They can limit their losses to the maximum extent possible and do business with the reorganised company again in future. Reorganisation is especially beneficial for employees, who get to stay in their jobs and continue to earn a living.

In our insolvency administration activities, we use the full range of tools that modern insolvency law offers. We also draw on a wide range of expertise gained from around 50 years’ experience of restructuring and reorganisation and from our work in various roles, including as insolvency administrator, insolvency advisor, supervisor and chief restructuring officer (CRO). Schultze & Braun is among Germany’s most experienced firms of insolvency practitioners and is regularly in the top five of German insolvency firms. Our specialists – many of whom are certified specialists in insolvency and reorganisation law – are appointed by numerous insolvency courts throughout Germany to act as (preliminary) insolvency administrators.

Preserve perspectives

Our focus: the company’s capacity for reorganisation

In a corporate insolvency, we do everything financially possible to enable the company to continue to trade and preserve and reorganise the company and its workforce. We do this regardless of whether the debtor is undergoing traditional insolvency proceedings, insolvency proceedings in self-administration or protective shield proceedings. In every insolvency administration engagement, our experts examine whether the company concerned has the capacity for reorganisation and develop tailored restructuring and reorganisation concepts. Our insolvency administration does this using the broad range of legal and business expertise offered by the firm’s interdisciplinary team.

We address reorganisation as early as possible in the process, and no later than during the preliminary insolvency proceedings. The actions defined and planned can then be implemented already during the commenced insolvency proceedings. This allows the company to bring the restructuring and reorganisation efforts to a successful conclusion and to open up prospects for business continuation swiftly. Typical measures are a reorganisation by business transfer, with an investor coming on board, or a reorganisation using an insolvency plan which will keep the business in the hands of its current owners.

We take the interests of the creditors and the debtor into account

The debtor, its capacity for reorganisation and continuation of its business are not our only focus, however. In the (preliminary) insolvency administration context, our experts, as court-appointed (preliminary) insolvency administrators, are also focused on securing the insolvency estate for the benefit of the creditors. This is also the role conferred on them by the Insolvency Code (Insolvenzordnung) and the insolvency court. We always keep the full range of options and tools in mind, develop tailored solutions and implement them with a view to achieving specific solutions. In this way, companies and creditors benefit equally from the insolvency administration. Ideally the result is a company which is in a significantly better position than previously and is once again able to face the challenges of competition.



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Grit Rademacher

Grit Rademacher

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Simon D. Reichle

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Kristin Winter, LL.M.

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Kerstin Zimmer

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