Expert, comprehensive tax advice for companies and their owners and operators

Our tax advisors see themselves as guides to protect you and your company against risks, set up efficient processes at an early stage, and optimise your tax burden. Our advisory services do not stop at national borders. We have a solid grasp of all relevant situations both for you personally and for your company. Our tax advisors can provide you with customised solutions from the start of your business journey until you hand over to a suitable successor. With our focus on France and specific services for doctors and other medical professionals as well as for e-commerce companies, we offer special additional expertise. That is what comprehensive expert tax advice means at Schultze & Braun.

Consulting areas

As a healthcare professional with a pharmacy, solo or group practice or medical centre, you already have enough on your plate. However, with our tax advisors to help you, the financial and tax side of your practice is one thing you won't have to worry about. We will give you visibility over your financial information, analyse your accounting data, and advise you on business and tax-related issues. Our specialist business and tax advisors are familiar with the requirements of healthcare professionals, so they can help you put your practice on a sound financial footing and ensure that you are protected personally. Leaving you free to focus fully on your patients.


Is your accounting system as scalable as your e-commerce business? Do the interfaces to your shop and inventory management systems function reliably? Do your payment systems supply the right data? Our tax advisors specialise in the requirements applicable to e-commerce and can answer any questions you may have on this and other areas. They can also ensure that you are well prepared to deal with a whole range of tax-related issues and are compliant with the sometimes differing requirements applicable to e-commerce companies. Schultze & Braun is your partner who can not only structure and assess your accounting system, but also has a full understanding of tax advising as it relates to e-commerce. We can advise you when you establish your online business and at all the key decision points after that, including on business with partners abroad.


Death and succession can throw up numerous issues which increases the risk of disagreements. So it is advisable to set out your wishes for succession of your estate during your lifetime. Our inheritance law experts will help you plan succession of your estate clearly and prepare a corresponding will, keeping inheritance tax law in mind as we do. We can also advise individual and joint heirs, administer estates, and act as executors.


If you want to actively plan the succession of your estate, you will need someone to show you how to make best use of the legal and tax possibilities to realise your plans. Our tax advisors will analyse your personal financial situation and calculate the amount of gift or inheritance tax potentially payable. And we will work with you to put in place arrangements for succession of your personal assets in line with your goals. So that your family's assets are preserved for generations to come.


A particular area of focus for the experts at Schultze & Braun is France: our neighbour and one of Germany’s most important trading partners. We can help you set up a permanent establishment, branch office or subsidiary in France and coordinate with the competent authorities as needed. We can also help you post workers to France or hire permanent staff there quickly and smoothly. We will prepare the necessary tax returns, manage your accounts and prepare your annual financial statements in both Germany and France, prepare your payroll and make the associated declarations, and ensure proper reporting as required by the German or French parent company. We are also the right people to talk to if you are an employee from Germany or France. For instance if you are a frontier worker who crosses borders every day and need to reflect this in your income tax return.


The tax requirements applicable to international companies are extensive. These companies can face new questions every single day and need to keep track of the tax systems in multiple countries. Our tax advisors will advise you and your company on international tax issues. We will answer your questions and ensure that you can plan your business reliably. If needed, we call on local partners from our international network to properly limit your risks abroad.


Just a transitory item? Don’t underestimate VAT! Even small errors can quickly present major risks, particularly when you do business with partners abroad. Schultze & Braun’s tax experts will protect you against VAT errors and are committed to comprehensive advice. With our expertise in cross-border VAT, we can also help you with questions on supplies of goods and services abroad, chain transactions and triangular transactions, and other VAT-related issues.


Do you have a good business idea and an innovative business model? Then you already have a good basis for a successful company. Our experienced company formation advisors can show you everything else you need to know to build a company that can keep pace with the competition for the long term. We advise new entrepreneurs – and established businesses – on setting up a new company. And our experts have every legal, tax and business base covered. Set the right course with us – from day one.


Protecting family assets for the long term and ensuring the prosperity of future generations is often the objective of inheritance planning. At the same time, the person passing on those assets should have financial security in his or her later years. So good planning is vital. Our specialist lawyers and tax advisors pay great attention to finding out as much as possible about your ideas, objectives and needs. We then use that information to develop an individual plan to actively manage the succession of your estate and the best way of handling the transfer of assets. We do this using all available legal and fiscal possibilities to preserve your assets and pass them on in accordance with your wishes.



Mario Schnurr
Steuerberater (Tax consultant), Dipl.-Betriebswirt (BA) (certified business accountant), MBA (International Taxation)