Protecting interests, seizing opportunities: expert business legal advice

Make the right decisions! At Schultze & Braun, we help you develop your business, seize opportunities, and protect and enforce your interests.


Focus topics

The relationship between employers and employees often throws up new questions, and contradictory interests can sometimes collide. At Schultze & Braun we can see the issues from both sides, enabling us to make informed judgements about what is possible and what is not. We represent you as an employer in all areas of individual and collective employment law, in negotiations with individual employees, works councils and trade unions, and in the labour courts. We also stand alongside you as an employee and represent your interests effectively. Our objective is to avoid going to court wherever possible and to find a good solution for the parties via negotiation.


Objectives and innovative ideas drive companies forward. But to achieve these objectives and implement innovations, companies need capital – in the right form, in the right amount, at the right time, and on appropriate terms. Our experts in banking and capital markets law help you select and implement the right business financing model. Banks and other lenders value our expert advice and support for example when providing security interests in special situations. We are the right partner for borrowers and lenders alike.


Flexible companies stay successful because they adapt to changing circumstances faster and more effectively than their competitors. Our skilled specialists use the tools of company and commercial law to design the optimum organisational structure for your enterprise. We advise you from formation until handover to a successor on all legal questions arising at your company every day. So that you find and make use of the best possible framework for business success.


If someone you do business with gets into financial difficulty, you must take effective action to keep the impact on your company to a minimum. In situations like these it is good to have a partner with relevant experience of dealing with companies in crisis. At Schultze & Braun, we have worked for clients in difficult situations for many years: as insolvency administrators, restructuring advisors, and representatives of the interests of creditors. We draw on this extensive experience to help you deal with business partners in financial difficulty. We not only protect your company, but also look for the opportunities for your business that such situations can present.


In business, disputes can be not just complex, but also lengthy. Their outcome is of existential importance for those involved as it can have a significant impact on both a company and its owners. Business disputes can arise for many reasons. So it is vital to have experienced counsel who can prevent litigation through skilful negotiation in advance, but who also know how to represent your interests and enforce your claims in the courts if needed. With our many years of litigation experience in all relevant fields of commercial law, Schultze & Braun can help. We enforce your claims efficiently and defend against unjustified third-party claims – out of court, before civil arbitral tribunals, or in court proceedings in Germany or abroad.


Whether you want to sell your business or are considering a potential acquisition, smooth interactions between the parties involved is essential for a successful transaction. In the M&A field, it is important to consider not only the legal aspects of a transaction, but the strategic, tax and business aspects too. This is why the acquisition or sale of a company is among the most legally complex of all corporate transactions, requiring careful preparation and planning and expert support during implementation. Schultze & Braun provides exactly that: Our experts in various disciplines have decades of experience in assisting with corporate transactions on both buy and sell side, as well as outstanding advisory expertise in the legal, strategic, tax and business fields.


Business needs rules, and these rules are usually laid down in contracts. So contracts are a key determiner of your company’s success. With our contract law experts you keep a clear view of your contracts and remain in control. We develop solutions tailored to your requirements, negotiate with your business partners, and steer implementation through effective contract management. And should any disagreements arise with your counterparty, we protect your interests rigorously, in court if necessary.



Dr. Ludwig J. Weber, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law), Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht (Certified Specialist in Tax Law), Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht (Certified Specialist in Commercial Law and in Company Law)