Advice for new businesses

A good business idea and an innovative business model are perhaps the most important foundation stones of a successful company. But on their own they are not enough for a company to compete on the long run. Whether you're a start-up or an incumbent company, a good understanding of any legal, tax and business aspects involved in setting up a new company helps you set the right course from day one. An interdisciplinary approach is the perfect tool to get the right answers for any questions that arise.


Company formation

How advisors can help before you set up your new company

There are many things an advisor can help with when you are setting up a new company: from selecting the right legal form and drafting individual contracts to tax advice provided by our tax advisors. It is important to keep a holistic perspective throughout the whole formation process to be able to develop customised solutions. That way, you create the right framework for long-term business success.


Advice when your business is up and running

When your business is up and running, support from an expert partner is a real advantage too. Legislation changes all the time, so new businesses need an advisor who knows the law and how the courts apply it and responds to developments as needed. Action may also be needed when your personal circumstances change, especially when it comes to preserving your business for your successors and passing on the baton to the next generation. Support from an experienced advisor helps you get the arrangements right.



Company formations with Schultze & Braun

Whether you are setting up a single company or a corporate group, company formation processes pose complex challenges for all involved. There are many aspects that need to be considered, especially when preparing your business plan, but also regarding legal aspects. At Schultze & Braun, we provide comprehensive advice and support on all legal, tax and business matters connected with company formations, both before and during the process. We can also help you select a tax-optimised structure for your new business.

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