Our objective:
To bring you perspectives

Globalisation, digitalisation, growing competitive pressure – the challenges facing businesses today are more complex than ever. Schultze & Braun supports clients through corporate restructuring, provides answers to existential questions and finds effective strategies and solutions for all legal requirements. 

At Schultze & Braun, we use interdisciplinary teams, so we can advise on the full range of legal, tax and business issues that companies face. With wide-ranging expertise and many years of experience, these teams enable us to do much more than protect our clients’ businesses, identify potential courses of action and enable them to plan with more certainty: we also work with our clients to develop reliable solutions for the future of their companies. Whatever the situation – financial distress, reorganisation or restructuring, or insolvency – and whatever the context – regional, national or international.

As a leading provider of advice to distressed companies and of insolvency administration services, we know the opportunities that situations like these can bring. And we also know what companies need to do to avoid insolvency.


Unlocking perspectives

Experience shows that crises are often avoidable – provided that companies do not ignore the warning signs. Companies must also take appropriate restructuring action at an early stage to open up new perspectives for their business.

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Exploiting perspectives

A crisis is imminent. Valuable time is slipping away – and successful reorganisation is becoming less and less likely. Management fear the loss of control that standard insolvency proceedings would bring – because when an insolvency administrator is appointed all decision-making powers pass to the administrator.

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Insolvency administration

Preserving perspectives

When it comes to insolvency, we at Schultze & Braun have one key objective: to preserve businesses in the interests of all involved. And we do everything we can to achieve this.

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Legal consulting

Shaping perspectives

At Schultze & Braun, we see ourselves as more than just lawyers. To our clients, we are dedicated and trusted partners who work closely with decision-makers and advisers to develop legal and business solutions.

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Tax consulting and auditing

Expanding perspectives

Schultze & Braun advises and supports its clients on all tax, business and legal questions. We have expertise spanning multiple sectors and many years of experience in the areas of business formation, reorganisation and M&A transactions in particular.

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Changing perspectives

Internationalisation, the European Single Market – in an age of globalisation, the economy is shaped by complex interrelationships. Companies in financial distress often face legal questions that are difficult to unravel. Schultze & Braun gives its clients a home advantage – worldwide.

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