Cross Border Office France

Alongside the US, France is one of the largest markets and trading partners for German companies.

Schultze & Braun advises and represents client on all cross-border issues – whether they seek our advice as a company, business partner, investor or creditor. Our team of Franco-German experts comprises German Rechtsanwälte and French advocats with international experience, some of whom have dual registration in both Germany and France. They are all extremely familiar with the French legal system and have close professional and private ties to France. Thanks to their dual registration, our lawyers can also represent clients locally in France. Schultze & Braun also has offices in Strasbourg and Paris.


Restructuring schemes

Schultze & Braun advises and supports directors and shareholders on preparation for and implementation of restructuring schemes such as sauvegarde (‘safeguard’), mandat ad hoc (‘ad hoc mandate’) or conciliation (conciliation) for their French subsidiaries.


Investor advice

German financial and strategic investors seek out our expertise when acquiring distressed French companies. Schultze & Braun also supports investors purchasing non-performing receivables and portfolios from French companies.


Insolvency proceedings

We represent insolvency administrators and creditors before French courts and advise them on a range of issues including rights in rem, employment contracts, set-off, real property, etc. Schultze & Braun also supports agreements between insolvency administrators in main and secondary insolvency proceedings.


Cross-border commercial law

Franco-German issues in commercial law

Our experts can also advise on the following aspects of Franco-German commercial law:

  • Advice to investors looking to establish or acquire companies in France
  • Advice to companies on opening branches or establishing subsidiaries in France
  • Service provider for companies seconding employees to France
  • From questions relating to employment law through to representation before the French labour courts
  • Contractual matters
  • Tax matters
  • Representation of clients bringing or defending claims before French courts or arbitral tribunals and support with compulsory enforcement measures in France


Patrick Ehret
Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law), Attorney at Law in France, Spécialiste en Droit international et de l'Union européenne (Certified Specialist in International and European Law in France), D.E.A. Droit des Communautés Européennes (Strasbourg III)


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