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Germany and the US – investment and partnership ties between the two countries are deeply rooted. The US remains one of Germany’s most important trade partners.

For many years, the cross border practice of Schultze & Braun has been focusing on legal services for the German-American market. Lawyers at Schultze & Braun are admitted to practice in the US and have wide personal networks there. They have extensive personal experience of handling US-related matters such as the protection or enforcement of assets in the US.

Over recent years, Schultze & Braun has also commenced various US Chapter 15 proceedings aimed at protecting German insolvency estates in US litigation or during the sale of assets in the US.


Advice to German companies

Schultze & Braun helps German companies to secure and enforce their legal and financial interests in the US. One of our special focuses are US companies in bankruptcy – whether shareholders, affiliates, suppliers or customers.


Advice to German insolvency administrators

We help German insolvency administrators to protect their assets, collateral or licenses in the US: for example by commencing Chapter 15 proceedings to shield US assets of German insolvency estates from enforcement by international creditors. We also advise clients looking to enforce liability or avoidance claims: from Germany against persons located in the US or in accordance with US law as well as vice versa for US clients against German defendants based on German law.


Trade and commercial law

Schultze & Braun supports clients in connection with all legal questions and issues relating to US-German trade and helps to secure and advance their legal interests.




Dr. H. Philipp Esser, LL.M. (Chicago)
Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law in Germany), Attorney at Law (New York State)


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