Insolvency and Restructuring in Germany – Yearbook 2021

Dr. Braun, Eberhard (Editor) Achern

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Part One

  1. Germany
    By Dr Jürgen Erbe, MBA, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Certified Specialist in Insolvency Law, Alexander von Saenger, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Certified Specialist in Employment Law, Nils Andersson-Lindström, Attorney-at-Law in Germany, Oksana Miglietti, Certified Public Accountant and Tax Advisor, and Arno Abenheimer, Attorney-at-Law in Germany, Certified Specialist in Tax Law and Tax Advisor
  2. France
    By Patrick Ehret, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Attorney-at-Law in France (AMCO), Certified Specialist in International Law and European Law in France, Ellen Delzant, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and France, and Jérémy Reis, Certified Public Accountant in France
  3. Italy
    By Alessandro Honert, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Avvocato in Italy, and Dr Sara Puglia Mueller, Certified Public Accountant and Tax Advisor in Italy
  4. Netherlands
    By Dr Michael Rozijn, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Certified Special in IT Law
  5. Poland
    By Dr Alexandra Josko de Marx, Attorney-at-Law in Germany

Part Two

  • Coronavirus prompts COVInsAG and accelerates shortening of the length of the procedure for discharge of residual debt
    By Dr Elske Fehl-Weileder, Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Certified Specialist in Insolvency Law
  • Insolvency Code
  • Act to Temporarily Suspend the Obligation to Apply for Commencement of Insolvency Proceedings and to Limit Directors’ Liability in the Case of Insolvency Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic (COVID-19-Insolvenzaussetzungsgesetz, COVInsAG)
  • Extract of the Introductory Act to the Insolvency Code
  • Act on the Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework for Businesses (Unternehmensstabilisierungs- und -restrukturierungsgesetz, StaRUG)
  • Regulation (EU) 2015/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2015 on insolvency proceedings (as of 4 July 2018)
  • List of Abbreviations

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