German Insolvency Code

Dr. Eberhard Braun (editor), ISBN 978-3-406-72238-7

The only One: German InsO in English

German insolvency law has changed significantly in the past decade. This article-by-article commentary includes the consolidated
and complete German insolvency law in English. It provides answers to all practice-oriented questions concerning German insolvency and restructuring law. This book is a work tool for lawyers and restructuring experts dealing with German insolvency and restructuring law in English and for all insolvency and restructuring professionals who wish to use a reliable authority in English. In addition, it serves as a useful resource for decision makers or investors who would like to familiarize themselves with potential risks and their courses of action.

The German Insolvency Code – Article by Article Commentary (ISBN 978-3-406-72238-7, published by C. H. Beck Verlag, 2nd edition 2019), comprises a wealth of practical content:

  • full English translation of the Insolvency Code
  • detailed article-by-article commentary
  • country reports for France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, England and Wales, the USA and Japan after each part of the Insolvency Code
  • overview of liability rules under German civil, fiscal and criminal law applicable to directors of legal entities
  • UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross Border Insolvency with Guide to Enactment and Interpretation
  • glossary of key German insolvency law terms with translations into the languages of the above jurisdictions.


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Exerpt of the German Insolvency Code