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Schultze & Braun is one of Germany’s leading law firms providing advice to distressed companies, and those who do business with such companies, on all aspects of sustainable insolvency administration. Schultze & Braun is one of the most frequently appointed insolvency administrators in Germany.

We advise clients on all aspects of restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency. Regionally, nationally and internationally. We develop perspectives for all parties – for entrepreneurs and employees, as well as for creditors and contractual partners. We also show clients how insolvency can be avoided. Naturally, we also provide business, legal and tax advice, as well as auditing services.


Schultze & Braun takes responsibility. For the companies and assets entrusted to it, and for the people involved. Our actions are guided by a sense of responsibility and a consistent commitment to finding the best solution for all parties. These values define not just the quality of our work, but also the identity that clients who work with us come to know and appreciate. 

The success of Schultze & Braun can also be attributed to one other aspect of the very specific way we work: our interdisciplinary approach. In 1975, Dr Eberhard Braun founded Germany’s first interdisciplinary firm of lawyers and tax advisers with a 20-strong team. By 2020, Schultze & Braun had around 600 highly qualified and specialised employees at 40 locations across Europe. This approach works as well today as it did in the past: Teams of lawyers, auditors, tax advisers, business law specialists and businesspeople work hand in hand to provide clients with comprehensive advice on the full range of issues facing them and to offer them the best possible solution for their needs. Whatever phase they find themselves in. From our decades of experience in crisis management and insolvency administration, we know the opportunities that can emerge even in situations that appear hopeless. Our mission is to identify these opportunities, develop plans accordingly and work with our clients to implement them successfully. 


As insolvency administrators in proceedings concerning companies such as FlowTex, Phoenix Kapitaldienstgesellschaft, Daewoo Germany, Rosenthal, Frankfurter Rundschau, Winterling, Fairchild Dornier, Beluga Group, Solar Millennium and Windreich, Lloyd Dynamowerke, zero Group, Wöhrl and Rohde.

As representatives of client interests in situations of financial distress and insolvency proceedings concerning companies such as Hegemann-Gruppe (P&S Werften), SolarWorld and Air Berlin Holidays. 

Dr Braun on Schultze & Braun

 “The experience that my colleagues and I acquired as court-appointed insolvency administrators prompted me to make use of this expertise outside of the insolvency field. Advising on reorganisation and restructuring allows us to use our knowledge and experience in the insolvency field to advise our clients wisely and effectively well before insolvency is a threat. I like to think of my colleagues from the tax, business and legal fields as “paramedics” who work together in interdisciplinary teams to provide wide-ranging advice and present comprehensive and effective solutions before insolvency can occur.”

Attorney at law and auditor Dr Eberhard Braun is co-founder of and senior partner with Schultze & Braun. For decades Dr Braun has been an influential figure in the restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency field. He has also played a significant role in shaping the German Insolvency Code.

Dr Braun is an author and editor with numerous publications to his name. One of the most important of these is the standard work “Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung”, a commentary on the Insolvency Code, published by Verlag C.H. Beck.

Profile of Dr Eberhard Braun

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