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Only rarely is the full extent of a situation apparent at first glance. And it would be negligent to give an assessment or identify possible options for the future based on that first glance. So for Schultze & Braun, an in-depth understanding of the industry and the legal and economic environment in which the client operates is indispensable for successful work of any kind. Only then can we do justice to our role as sparring partners and advisers.

Guided by this principle, we offer businesses a whole range of useful services in addition to the duties that are reserved to auditors by law.

Audits of financial statements

Schultze & Braun carries out statutory and voluntary audits of individual and consolidated financial statements. We begin our work by reviewing the economic and legal environment in which the client operates – regardless of whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance with German or international accounting standards. We don’t just see ourselves as auditors: using the knowledge gained when carrying out an audit, we work with the client to develop ideas for optimising structures and processes. By improving the management accounting or risk management system, or by introducing efficient inventory procedures.

Our range of services:

  • Audits of financial statements
  • Formation audits, audits on capital increases against contributions in kind and merger audits
  • Audits for the purposes of reorganisations, demergers and spin-offs
  • Audits under section 16 of the German Regulation on the Obligations of Estate Agents, Loan Brokers, Property Developers and Construction Project Organisers (Verordnung über die Pflichten der Makler, Darlehensvermittler, Bauträger und Baubetreuer, MaBV), the Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-. Energien-Gesetz, EEG) and section 53 of the Principles of Federal and State Budgetary Law Act (Gesetz über die Grundsätze des Haushaltsrechts des Bundes und der Länder, HGrG).

Performance of cash audits and audits of insolvency administrators’ final accounts

Section 69 of the German Insolvency Code (Insolvenzordnung, InsO) requires the conduct of monetary transactions during insolvency proceedings to be audited. This can be done by the insolvency administrator, or for companies in self-administration proceedings, by the management and the supervisor together.
Schultze & Braun applies a risk-based audit approach but also undertakes substantive and system-based audit activities.
As experienced audit specialists, we of course also satisfy the criteria relating to the person of the cash auditor as established by the courts.
As outside experts, we can also audit final accounts submitted by insolvency administrators in accordance with section 66(2) and (3) of the German Insolvency Code for correctness, accuracy and completeness.

Due diligence checks

A corporate transaction is a highly complex process. For buyers and sellers alike, a professional due diligence review is indispensable. Schultze & Braun supports clients with their due diligence requirements, and also helps them prepare their business plans. Once the purchase price has been agreed, the next task is to allocate it among the assets and liabilities acquired. We can help by preparing reliable purchase price allocation reports.

Business valuations

Schultze & Braun can prepare both indicative business valuations and valuations in accordance with the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland’s standard IDW S1. Whether they need our advice for legal reasons or in order to determine a price for a corporate transaction, clients trust our expertise.

Guarantee and funding applications

Schultze & Braun has particular expertise in supporting clients submitting applications for public funding and public deficiency guarantees. We guide businesses through the jungle of bureaucracy associated with these applications and help them comply with legal requirements and avoid procedural errors. We help clients who are looking to expand and need state or federal guarantees to finance their investment project,
as well as clients whose companies are in difficulties. We can provide interim finance in the form of rescue aid until a scheme of restructuring can be prepared and implemented or new investors can be found.

Compliance advice

Economic crime is an important topic for many businesses in Germany. Even so, the risks are often underestimated. As well as enormous financial losses, damage to a company’s reputation is also a possibility.
Schultze & Braun helps clients avert potential risks. And if necessary, we can also contribute our experience to any internal investigation.

Our range of services includes:

  • Introduction and improvement of compliance management systems
  • Planning and implementation of internal investigations – as an impartial third party or in collaboration with our client
  • Securing of evidence for possible use in court
  • Assessment of the company, employment and criminal law aspects of a case
  • Representation in dealings with/cooperation with supervisory and investigative authorities

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