Michael Böhner

Attorney at Law in Germany


Contractual partners in financial distress
Protective shield


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Restructuring, Self-Administration, Legal Consulting

Studied law at the University of Bonn.
First state examination in law in Bonn.
Legal clerkship in Aachen.
Second legal state examination in Düsseldorf.
2001 to 2003 employment with a medium-sized law firm.
2003 to 2008 Partner in a law firm with a focus on insolvency administration and crisis and insolvency consulting.
2009 to 2016 with Schultze & Braun insolvency administration.
2016 to 2020 Partner in a law firm specializing in insolvency law.
With Schultze & Braun since 2020.

Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung
Mitautor in Dr. Eberhard Braun (Hrsg.), C.H. Beck-Verlag, 6. Aufl., München 2014

PräsenzKommentar zum Insolvenzrecht
Mitautor in Haarmeyer/Wutzke/Förster (Hrsg.), PräsenzKommentar zum Insolvenzrecht

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