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What determines the success of a corporate transaction?

The interaction between the parties is of course crucial. But there are a whole host of other factors that contribute to the success of a transaction, and these factors also need to be taken into account. That’s why Schultze & Braun takes an integrated approach that addresses not just the legal aspects of a transaction, but the strategic, fiscal and business dimensions too. 

Whatever their requirements – disposal and acquisition of companies and equity holdings, financing rounds, transformations or the establishment of joint ventures – clients benefit from our many years of advisory experience and our in-depth knowledge.

Development of individual solutions

Is a “by-the-book” approach to the transaction process advisable?

No – industries, stakeholders, expectations and general parameters vary too widely for that. That’s why Schultze & Braun works with the client to develop a range of suitable alternative solutions. When doing this we focus on the economic situation and industry environment in particular.

Integrated transaction advice

What are the characteristics of effective transaction advice?

Depending on the task at hand, Schultze & Braun puts together a team of lawyers and advisors from various disciplines who can take proper account of the legal, fiscal and business dimensions of the transaction. We also work in close cooperation with the client’s trusted advisors.

Due diligence

Is a careful risk assessment absolutely necessary?

To get a full picture of the financial and legal risks, Schultze & Braun recommends comprehensive due diligence checks on the target company. On the other side of the transaction, we also offer seller due diligence, to enable target companies to proactively address vulnerabilities in order to achieve optimum results. Here we carry out an objective analysis and compile relevant information for disclosure to potential inventors. 

Distressed M&A

Does Schultze & Braun also advise on the purchase and sale of distressed companies?

Due to our expertise in insolvency law, we often advise insolvency administrators within the Schultze & Braun group as well as externally. We also support strategic and financial investors in the acquisition of distressed companies and holdings in such companies.

Post-merger disputes

Is Schultze & Braun also the right partner for legal disputes arising after a corporate transaction?

We advise and represent companies, investors and shareholders, both out of court and before ordinary courts or arbitral tribunals, in disputes relating to matters such as breaches of warranty and purchase price adjustments Our clients benefit not just from our litigation experience, but also from our extensive expertise in arranging transactions.

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