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When it comes to the crunch, it’s good to have a strong partner by your side. Commercial disputes are not just complex. Because the outcome of such disputes can have a significant impact on both a company and its owners, they are often also of existential importance for those involved.

With many years of procedural experience in all relevant areas of business law, Schultze & Braun helps its clients effectively assert their own claims and defend unjustified third-party claims. We also represent businesses and managers in shareholder disputes and bringing and defending liability claims.

Interdisciplinary advice

When is it a particularly good idea to seek integrated advice that looks at more than just the proceedings at hand?

In the case of shareholder disputes in particular, advice on tax implications is just as important as legal guidance. That’s why, at Schultze & Braun, we coordinate closely with our clients’ auditors and accountants, or call on our own.

Representation in court

In which courts does Schultze & Braun represent clients?

With a worldwide network of colleagues to draw on, we represent the interests of businesses before all courts in Germany and abroad.

Disputes between shareholders

Can Schultze & Braun also help with disputes between shareholders?

When differences of opinion between shareholders escalate, it is not unusual for this to have an adverse effect on the company, which of course also has financial consequences for the parties involved. In situations like these, clients benefit from both our litigation experience and our expertise in company law.

Directors’ and officers’ liability

What are the liability risks facing directors, board members and other officers of a company experiencing financial distress?

The duties of directors and officers and the attendant liability risks they face, particularly when a company is in financial distress, should not be underestimated. Any breach of these duties can have consequences under both civil and criminal law. Schultze & Braun helps clients to avert and defend liability claims against them in their capacity as directors and officers Conversely, we also bring such claims.

Avoidance in insolvency

Can an insolvency also be costly for creditors?

Whether you are a supplier, customer, landlord, shareholder or lender to an insolvency company: Avoidance of transactions by the insolvency administrator can bring significant disadvantages for creditors. Schultze & Braun applies its expert knowledge of insolvency law to advise businesses and business owners who are faced with or looking to avoid insolvency claims. We also help insolvency administrators enforce avoidance claims.

Post-merger disputes

To what extent can disputes arise after a corporate transaction has been agreed?

When a contract to acquire or dispose of a company is signed, the actual transfer of the company is normally not yet complete. Schultze & Braun advises and represents businesspeople – out of court and before the ordinary courts and arbitral tribunals – in disputes concerning matters such as breaches of warranty or purchase price adjustments following a transaction. Our clients benefit from both our litigation experience and our extensive expertise in structuring and advising on corporate transactions.

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