Contractual partners
in financial distress

Identify potential.
Exploit new opportunities.

Financial difficulties surrounding a contractual partner are rather like a cocoon: No one quite knows what will ultimately emerge.

That’s why Schultze & Braun sees opportunities for creditors and contractual partners in every crisis: We analyse the distressed company’s situation, prepare a risk assessment and identify possible options using interdisciplinary teams of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors.

A developing crisis can often be identified at an early stage. It is important to pay attention to early warning signs and to periodically review how “crisis-proof” a contractual partner is. If insolvency of the contractual partner is inevitable, we will be there to help with our combined insolvency and reorganisation expertise. Naturally, we also advise clients who are in financial distress themselves.


Our range of services:

  • Distressed M&A
  • Employment law during reorganisation
  • Advising creditors with contractual partners in financial distress
  • Enforcement of liability claims against managers, supervisory board members and shareholders
  • Avoidance in insolvency
  • Review of options when filing for insolvency
  • Restructuring of financing
  • Contractual safeguards and collateral securities in case of insolvency of a contractual partner

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