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Zmiana Perspektywy

Thanks to its stable economic growth and geographical location, Poland is one of the biggest trading partners for German companies. So it’s no surprise that many German companies now have Polish subsidiaries. Levels of investment – mainly in the establishment of new companies – are correspondingly high.

Schultze & Braun has a team of highly qualified German-Polish legal experts who can give clients with cross-border links the legal certainty they need to act. Companies also benefit from our lawyers’ detailed knowledge of the Polish legal system and its insolvency laws in particular, as well as the new reorganisation law. Members of the team make use of an extensive personal network locally and are very familiar with Poland and its people thanks to personal and family ties. Naturally, we can also provide advice in Polish.

Polish desk – Areas of focus:

Insolvency advice

Schultze & Braun advises German companies on the risks from insolvency of Polish affiliates. We enforce insolvency claims against the Polish insolvency administrator on behalf of German suppliers and customers. If necessary, we work with our Polish colleagues to bring these claims to court.

Investment advice

Schultze & Braun advises German financing banks. For example, we can determine whether (loan) collateral provided would instantly become worthless in a Polish insolvency due to non-compliance with mandatory formal requirements. Schultze & Braun also supports German lenders with questions regarding practicality and security in case of insolvency of collateral provided. The issue here is the Polish registered lien – a feature specific to Polish law.


Schultze & Braun advises and helps German insolvency administrators wind up Polish companies speedily and realise assets abroad quickly.

Trade and commercial law

Schultze & Braun supports German clients on all questions and issues relating to German-Polish trade.

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