Guaranteeing fair play.
Even at times of confusion.

When there is a great deal at stake and a situation involves multiple parties, it is not always easy to keep calm and stay on top of things. Even so, everyone involved has to get what they are due.

So for clients going through self-administration or protective shield proceedings, Schultze & Braun can do more than just act as CRO: We can also take on the role of (provisional) supervisor. Our insolvency experts work with a company’s management and CRO throughout the restructuring process. With extensive expertise and experience, they will ensure compliance with insolvency law – particularly in that vital phase when a company continues to trade during insolvency.

The supervisor will examine the company’s financial situation and ensure that creditors are not disadvantaged. As such, he or she is the point of liaison between the parties to the proceedings and brings the expertise and impartiality needed to ensure that they can all get along smoothly and constructively. With an eye on the restructuring objective and working to ensure the best possible satisfaction for creditors, the supervisor supports the company as needed – whether that's with preparation of the insolvency plan, during self-administration, or when seeking new investors.

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