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As any entrepreneur will tell you, you need a vision to succeed. But vision alone is not enough. To bring plans to fruition, and to undertake any entrepreneurial activity at all in fact, you also need money – in sufficient quantities, at the right time, and on the right terms. 

Lenders have a different perspective: Is the return reasonable given the default risk? Is there collateral, and are there ways of exerting influence so that default can be avoided?

Schultze & Braun is the right partner for borrowers and lenders alike, even in situations of financial distress. We have the mastery and the experience needed to assist our clients with every aspect of financing.

Services for companies in financial distress

What do you need to pay attention to when a company is in financial difficulties?

Situations like these are a major challenge for borrowers and lenders alike. In many cases, trust has already been lost and needs to be restored quickly – because only then can the available realistic options for restructuring begin to be examined. Schultze & Braun has not only the intuition but also the experience and the tools needed to do this.

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Private equity/venture capital

What are the alternatives to debt capital?

When setting up a company or opening up new areas of business, it can be advisable to look at funding options other than bank loans. A strong partner can often be more than just an investor. But in any case, the interests of the parties – investors and business owners alike – must take priority. Schultze & Braun will work with the client to conduct negotiations and draft the necessary contracts.

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