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And a tight hold on the reins.

Contracts determine the rules of the game. They grant leeway and establish obligations. And they set boundaries. In short: contracts shape corporate life and relationships between companies. This means that they are key to a company’s success.

Schultze & Braun helps companies to see the big picture. And keep a tight hold on the reins. When it comes to shaping business relationships, off-the-shelf contracts are not sufficient. So our experts work with clients to develop solutions tailored to their specific requirements: from contract development and negotiations with the other party, right through to long-term contract management. We can also enforce rights and claims – in court if necessary.

General terms and conditions or individual contracts

What risks can general terms and conditions guard against? And when is an individual contract advisable?

Schultze & Braun advises client on contract drafting, helping them to keep their business and private risks calculable. For everyday transactions in mass-market contexts, we draw up terms and conditions and monitor them to ensure that they remain lawful and fit for purpose. Individual ideas and projects need contracts tailored to the specific requirements. Here, companies can benefit from the experience we have gained in numerous complex contractual matters across a range of industries.

Protection against insolvency

Do agreed retention of title terms still apply when a customer is in financial distress? Does a company remain a licensee if its licensor enters insolvency? Can contracts be terminated in the event of insolvency? And when is avoidance in insolvency a risk?

The risks arising when a contractual partner enters insolvency are often underestimated. That’s why clients of Schultze & Braun value the extensive experience and depth of knowledge that the firm can offer in these areas. For us, this is absolutely key to prudent contract drafting.

Contract management

What can a good contract management service do for my company?

A customised contract management service helps customers optimise their contracts and performance of those contracts – in terms of time limits, adjustments and termination, for example. If needed, Schultze & Braun can develop model contracts and draft general terms and conditions. For clients looking to implement a computerised contract management system, we can advise on aspects such as monitoring of deadlines, setting up an escalation structure and designing a receivables collection system. At Schultze & Braun, we begin an engagement by working with the client to determine what action is required. We train staff within the client’s organisation or provide contract management services as an external service provider. 

Dispute avoidance through careful contract drafting

Can contracts be drafted with sufficient care that a dispute before the courts is precluded from the outset?

When drafting contracts, Schultze & Braun focuses on achieving exactly this. Ideally, particularly conflict-prone clauses of a contract will be worded in such way as to rule out disputes that may arise later.

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