Insolvency administration

Define new objectives.
Overcome obstacles.

There is often a way out of financial distress. But it isn’t always the easiest and most obvious solution. This is why the insolvency administrators and supervisors at Schultze & Braun don’t see themselves as just “administrators”. We also don’t use standard solutions. We aim much higher than that.

Our objective is to safeguard available assets, identify potential and, whenever possible, to restructure the company. To achieve this, we use every tool that insolvency and commercial law has to offer for restructuring-oriented insolvency administration and supervision.

For each insolvency we put together a team of skilled lawyers, auditors and business specialists that is specifically tailored to the task at hand and will find the optimum solution in every situation.

Our range of services:

  • Review of viability of restructuring and financial planning
  • Preparation and review of restructuring concepts
  • Preparation and monitoring of financial plans
  • Planning and support in relation to continued operation during insolvency proceedings
  • Supervision, advice and CRO activities during protective shield procedure and self-administration
  • Preparation of insolvency plans
  • Restructuring by transfer including M&A processes
  • Review for presence of overindebtedness and illiquidity
  • Cross-border insolvency proceedings
  • Employment law issues involved in insolvency proceedings
  • Avoidance in insolvency and directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Insolvency proceedings relating to a deceased’s estate
  • Criminal insolvencies
  • Compulsory enforcement of real estate
  • Tax law in insolvency
  • Financial reporting during insolvency

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