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Changing perspectives

The German and UK economies have traditionally been strongly intertwined. This will not change, as companies will continue to interact and find new paths despite Brexit.

The Schultze & Braun UK cross-border team has extensive insolvency and restructuring experience, which is principally used by German companies working with investors and lenders from the UK. Our clients in this area mainly comprise German companies and banks, but also include German insolvency administrators and debtors in possession who value a clear and pragmatic approach and require advice on matters such as a scheme of arrangement, UK administration or liquidation.Members of the Schultze & Braun UK Desk team are also admitted to practise as solicitors in England and Wales, have eight years’ professional experience in the UK, and are registered as Registered European Lawyers by the Law Society in London. 

UK desk – Areas of focus:

Restructuring plans

Schultze & Braun advises German companies on the preparation and implementation of restructuring plans for subsidiaries or branches in the UK. Advice here centres on instruments such as the company voluntary arrangement and the scheme of arrangement.

Brexit and advice to creditors

What impact will Brexit have for German companies? Schultze & Braun evaluates the consequences of Brexit for German companies and answers the urgent questions that those companies have.

We also advise German creditors in relation to distressed UK-based companies, and can defend and advance their legal and financial interests.

Trade and commercial law

Schultze & Braun helps clients with all questions and issues relating to UK-German trade and develops effective solutions.

Contacts cross-border - UK

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