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There are many parallels between the German and Japanese legal systems – including as regards insolvency law. However, the Japanese system does have one particular feature: Japanese insolvency law is very debtor-friendly. Insolvency and restructuring proceedings are also processed very quickly. So a company with claims against an insolvent Japanese company must not delay.

In situations like these, Schultze & Braun acts quickly. We can do this because we are ideally placed to handle Japanese matters: Our Head of Cross Border Group has a supplementary qualification in Japanese civil law, wrote her doctorate on Japanese insolvency law, and lived and worked in Japan for many years. And thanks to a wide personal network in Japan, she is very familiar with the country, its people, its legal culture and the latest developments there. And also with the Japanese language, which she speaks fluently.

Japan desk – Areas of focus:

Insolvency proceedings

Schultze & Braun helps creditors from Germany and elsewhere in Europe safeguard their interests in Japanese insolvency proceedings and enforce their claims in the Japanese courts.

Insolvency advice

We help German insolvency administrators sell assets in Germany to Japanese investors. Schultze & Braun can also advise on the realisation of assets or enforcement of liability or avoidance claims in Japan.

Trade and commercial law

With an extensive local network, Schultze & Braun can advise and assist clients on all questions and issues relating to German-Japanese trade.

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