Corona: Opening perspectives

We are your business doctor

With the outbreak of the coronavirus in Germany and many other countries around the world, the affected states, healthcare systems, and the global economy are being confronted with challenges never seen before in this form. Companies are suddenly being forced to reassess the viability of their business model in the midst of the pandemic, determine what their obligations are to their employees, and, in particular, figure out how they can ensure their liquidity. These issues are pertinent to partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, and self-employed individuals alike, irrespective of whether they operate a trade, business, profession, or an industrial enterprise.

The legal framework under which companies in Germany do business is ill-equipped to respond to a pandemic. Normally, strict rules apply: If you order something, you have to pay for it. If you don’t, you’ll be penalised – up to and including compulsory application for commencement of insolvency proceedings. Now, an effort is under way to develop a framework that will ensure the survival of companies during the crisis that has been caused by the coronavirus. However, it is no simple task to create rules for complex systems. Virtually all economic operators are trying to get their bearings. They have a great number of questions and need support and assistance.

Schultze & Braun can help with guidance as a business doctor for prevention and cure. During the coronavirus crisis, we can help you navigate the legal and economic jungle. As experts, we can assist you in applying for government aid, and we can certify that the requirements are met. Companies and entrepreneurs can obtain advice from us on how to shield themselves against negative developments. Where necessary, we’ll help them to take swift steps to implement specific restructuring and emergency measures. We are your business doctor.