Tim Beyer

Attorney at Law in Germany
Certified Specialist in Insolvency Law


Insolvency administration
Avoidance in Insolvency
Insolvency plan
Insolvency proceedings relating to a deceased’s estate


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Insolvency Administration

Studied law at University of Hamburg.
First state examination in law in Hamburg.
Traineeship at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court (Hamburg) and in law firms in Hamburg and New York.
Second state examination in law in Hamburg.
1998 to 2000 administrator with an insurance company in Hamburg.
2000 to 2004 worked at a law firm in Hamburg.
2004 to 2007 worked in a firm of insolvency administrators in Bremen.
With Schultze & Braun since 2007.
Court-appointed insolvency administrator since 2009.
2010 certified specialist in insolvency law.

Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung
Mitautor in Dr. Eberhard Braun (Hrsg.), C.H. Beck-Verlag, 8. Aufl., München 2020

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