Data protection notice for applicants to Schultze & Braun

As at: 1 May 2022

Who is responsible for processing your data?
Schultze & Braun GmbH & Co. KG
along with the applicant’s respective potential employer, specifically:

Schultze & Braun Rechtsanwalts­gesellschaft für Insolvenzverwaltung mbH
Schultze & Braun GmbH Rechtsanwalts­gesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungs­gesellschaft
Schultze & Braun GmbH Rechtsanwalts­gesellschaft
Schultze & Braun GmbH Steuerberatungs­gesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungs­gesellschaft
Schultze & Braun GmbH Forensic Services Rechtsanwalts­gesellschaft

All at the address:
Eisenbahnstrasse 19-23, 77855 Achern, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)7841 7080


How can you reach the data protection officer?
You can reach our data protection officer at the address above or directly via e-mail at:


What do we need your data for?

(A1)       We process the personal data you have provided to us in connection with your application in order to verify that you are suitable for a job with our company and to carry out the application process. The following data will be collected:

                Required data:

  • Title
  • First name and last name,
  • Contact data (postal code, place of residence)
  • E-mail address
  • Desired location (in the case of unsolicited applications)
  • Job applicant is interested in (in the case of unsolicited applications)
  • Photograph
  • CV
  • Credentials, letters of reference
  • Additional information to be collected during the course of the selection process (A3)

Voluntary information:

  • Degree(s)
  • Contact data (street address, state/country)
  • Personal telephone
  • Photograph

In addition, with the applicant’s consent, we will add the data to our applicant pool.

Based on the information provided to us, we will determine whether the applicant qualifies for a job interview as part of the selection process. If there is a basic fit, we may ask for additional personal data required to make a recruitment decision.

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(B1)       In addition, we may process personal data to the extent required to defend against legal claims filed against us in connection with the application process. (Continue to B2)

(C1)       If an employment agreement is signed, we will further process already collected personal data for employment-related purposes. (Continue to C2)

(D1)       We process the personal data required to conduct and invoice for online job interviews (video conferences).

In addition to this data protection notice for applicants to Schultze & Braun, the data protection notice for participation in a Cisco Webex online meeting of Schultze & Braun available at, which is attached to every video conference invitation as a deep link, also applies. Alternatively, you may also request the data protection notice for participation in a Cisco Webex online meeting from Schultze & Braun.

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What legal grounds exist for the processing?

(A2, C2)

Processing data in order to decide whether to establish an employment relationship/processing data for employment-related purposes (section 26 of the Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG]). Consent (section 6(1)(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) if you agree to have your data added to the applicant pool. (Continue to A3, C3, D3)

(B2)       Exercising legitimate interests, as indicated under (B1) above (section 6(1)(f) GDPR). (Continue to B3)

(D2)       In situations in which in-person job interviews should not or cannot be held, online job interviews will be offered. Both for us and for you, conducting online job interviews is in our legitimate interest as it allows us to proceed with the application process (section 6(1)(f) GDPR). (Continue to D3)

Are your data passed on to other recipients?

(A3, B3, C3)

We use applicant portals solely and exclusively for the purpose of publishing job postings aimed at encouraging applicants to apply with us directly online, via e-mail or in writing through our own applicant portal. Personal data stored, for example, in applicant profiles on applicant portals are covered by the data protection notices of the respective portals’ operators.

We operate our own applicant portal on the server of BITE GmbH, Magirus-Deutz-Strasse 12, 89077 Ulm, which works for us under an agency agreement. BITE GmbH’s data protection notice is available at Our data processor BITE GmbH uses applicant management software to support the selection process. Based on the information provided by the applicant, a determination is made as to whether the applicant qualifies for a job interview as part of the selection process. If there is a basic fit, we will ask the applicant to provide additional personal data required to make the recruitment decision. (Continue to A4, B4, C4)

(D3)       We use the Cisco Webex system provided by our data processor Telekom Deutschland GmbH (hereinafter: “Telekom”). (Continue to D4)

Schultze & Braun career site

From our applicant portal at BITE GmbH, you can return to the career site on our home page by clicking on “Overview”. A notice regarding the processing of your data when opening and using the home page of Schultze & Braun can be found here: .

How long will your data be stored for?

(A4)       Data are generally stored for 6 months from the date of completion of the application process. If you have given your consent for your personal data to be stored for a longer period, we will move your data to our applicant pool. There, the data will be deleted after 12 months.

(B4)       Data are generally stored for 6 years from the conclusion of litigation.

(C4)       Data are generally stored for 6 years from the date of termination of employment. Employees are notified about details in their own employee data protection notice.

(D4)       In principle, data are deleted when there is no longer a requirement to continue storing them. In particular, such a requirement may exist if the data are still required for the purposes of fulfilling contractual services and verifying and granting or defending against warranty claims. In the case of statutory obligations to retain data, a deletion may only be considered after the respective retention obligation has ended.

Are your data forwarded to a non-EU state or to an international organisation?

(A-C)     No.

(D)         Yes. The data centres for the online meetings we hold using the Cisco Webex system are located in London, United Kingdom. West Unified Communications Ltd. is a provider based in the USA that provides services for CCA-SP access to the platforms that Cisco Systems, Inc. hosts for the Cisco Webex system. The places of performance are the United Kingdom (London), the USA and Singapore (APAC). This means that personal data are also processed in a country outside the European Union (EU). In addition to product-dependent data processing agency agreements, Telekom, our data processor, has also entered into data protection agreements based on standard EU contractual clauses with both Cisco Systems, Inc. and West Unified Communications Ltd. that are likewise binding on behalf of the principal. As a result, suitable guarantees exist pursuant to section 46 GDPR.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to obtain information about the personal data concerning you that we have processed. If your request for access is not in writing, please be aware that we may then require you to prove that you are the person you claim to be. You also have a right to correction or deletion of personal data and to limitations on processing, to the extent permitted by law. Further, you have a right to object to such processing in accordance with the law. The same applies to any right to data portability. If we are processing your data based on your consent, you may revoke such consent at any time. Until consent is revoked, such processing shall remain lawful.

Which regulatory authority can you complain to?

If you believe that your data will not be processed by us in accordance with the law, you may complain to a data protection regulatory authority within the EU.