Schultze & Braun:
History of the firm

History of the firm

1949 Founded by Fritz Beck as a tax consulting firm
1968 Tax consultant Wolfgang Schultze joins Fritz Beck’s firm
1975 Dr Eberhard Braun joins the firm and establishes Germany’s first interdisciplinary firm of lawyers and tax advisers under the name Schultze & Braun. The company has 20 employees.
1977 The first regional offices open
1984 A separate insolvency department is established
1986 A restructuring advice department is established
1992 The company’s first branch in the former East Germany opens in Dresden
1998 Merger with the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers
1999 Number 1 in the league tables in terms of corporate insolvencies handled and insolvency administrators appointed
2003 The firm separates from PricewaterhouseCoopers
2004 25 locations across Germany with a total of 500 employees
2006 London, UK office opens
2007 Strasbourg, France office opens
2010 Paris, France office opens
2013 39 locations in Germany | 3 locations elsewhere in Europe | 600 employees
2017 Bologna, Italy office opens
2019 Milano, Italy office opens
2020 More than 40 locations in Germany and elsewhere in Europe | 600 employees